Your appointments are very important to us, and we understand that sometimes life happens! As a courtesy to our Kontempo. guests and artists, a 48 hour cancellation call/text and/or email is required to avoid a $40 charge to your account. All future appointment requests will be held until the cancellation fee is paid in the salon or over the phone. All financial information will be confidential and processed by a managing associate.


A $25 non-refundable consultation fee is required at the time of appointment. If a service appointment is not necessary, this fee is used for the time spent at your consultation.


Kontempo. welcomes new guests looking for quality hair services. All chemical services for NEW GUESTS require a $75 deposit for the first appointment. Deposits will be applied to the services charged on the day of the appointment. In the event that you are not able to make the original appointment, you will have 48 hours to reschedule with your artists, pending their availability. If your appointment is not rescheduled in the given time, your deposit is non-refundable, and will not be applied to future appointments. All financial information will be confidential and processed by a managing associate.


While a guest at Kontempo., our guests assume and bear the entire risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of personal property, including, but not limited to jewelry, clothing, purses or shoes. In the event this happens, Kontempo. Is not liable and cannot be held accountable, clients assume risk and responsibility. Basically, color flies and earrings fall down the sink. Don’t let this happen to you!


Exchanges or salon account credits may be redeemed with product, as we do not provide cash or credit refunds. Kontempo. proudly stands behind our products and tools. We guarantee them in accordance with the warranty provided by the manufacturer and will exchange products within 30 days of purchase for products that are 75% unused and in their original container. All product, tools, and service exchanges and/or refunds are at the discretion of the managing associate.


Our salon pricing structure is a la carte. We utilize Salon Scale as a tool to calculate color usage during your visit in addition to labor charges for services performed. This charge will be reflected on your ticket at checkout.


In addition to providing exceptional service, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. In the event that you are not satisfied with your service, please contact the salon within 72 hours of your original appointment to schedule a revision with the artist that completed your initial appointment.  Appointment must be scheduled within one week of the original appointment.  Appointment revisions include limited complimentary services and are subject to additional charges including Salon Scale.  Please consult with your artist upon arriving.


We are here to create the environment you crave on any particular day.  You deserve the downtime you need.  If you’d like to enjoy some quiet time, let your artist know.  We will keep communication limited to the exact needs of your services, and let you do your thing.  Simply ask for a ‘silent appointment’ when you arrive, and we will honor your needs that day.


Your time is important to us here at Kontempo., but so is your outcome. While scheduling appointments with our Artists, please give yourself ample time for us to do our best work. If you need to be out of the chair by a certain time, please consider that in your scheduling time. We reserve the right to deny your time request and reschedule. We want the best for you, so we do not want to have to rush your service – quality is what we strive for.


If a guest is unable to attend an in-person consultation, they have the option to request a virtual consultation, which is subject to approval by the service provider and the type of service requested. To initiate a virtual consultation, the guest must pay a non-refundable fee of $25 in advance over the phone. The service provider will contact the guest using the phone number on file from the business line. If both parties agree to proceed, scheduling will be managed through the sales desk, and any required deposits will be collected during that time.


Kontempo reserves the right to impose an expedited shipping surcharge for extension orders placed fewer than 10 business days before the scheduled installation date, excluding weekends. This surcharge is designed to account for any shipping expenses required to guarantee the timely delivery for your appointment. Payment of the shipping fee is required in advance before placing the order, and the fee may vary based on the chosen shipping method and brand.

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