The kontempo.
you know

The kontempo. you know

is evolving.

What began as a mission to provide a modern salon experience in Omaha has paved the way for creation of a reputable lifestyle brand – built by the team of elevated artists and experts whose talents guarantee an excellence in services every time you walk in the door.

kontempo.’s success and reputation isn’t the result of one; but of many.

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Kontempo. is a modern, forward thinking salon located in Omaha, Nebraska, owned by Founder/Creative Director Kirby Keomysay. Kontempo. takes pride in staying up to date with the latest trends by providing hands on education for all of our artists. A modern you. This is the motto of the trend-conscious and client-focused.

From the techniques we utilize, the ongoing education we pursue and the products we offer, each kontempo. artist embodies the importance of growth. As individuals, they bring unique perspectives and abilities tailored to further enhance our operations. But as a team, the staff at kontempo. offers unmatched knowledge of the latest beauty standards and trends, assuring that each client’s appointment is carefully curated.

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